A Christmas Carol:
Scrooge and Marley

The Meanest Man In London

With Manny Roybal Jr. as Marley's Ghost 

The Happiest Man In London

The Cast

My third production of "Forum" was done at the Aurora Fox Theater along with "A Christmas Carol" in the previous season. Ironically, I discovered that I had pictures from one and reviews of the other but that's show biz.


The Denver Post
Thursday, February 9, 1989

"Sondheim's Forum Works"
By Alan Stern

As "Into The Woods," Stephen Sondheim's latest Broadway show, heads toward Denver for a March opening, audiences have two chances to bone up on early Sondheim. "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum," his 1962 Roman farce, opened last weekend at The Aurora Fox Theater; next month, Boulder's Dinner Theater will take a crack at the same show. "Forum" is the first musical for which Sondheim wrote both music and lyrics... and the Aurora Fox production gradually builds toward an enjoyably madcap finale.

...In the "Comedy Tonight" opener, actor Lowell V. Noel, who stars as the wily slave Pseudolus, delights audiences with balloons and live chickens and other surprises that pop out through the stage's trap door.

...Fortunately, Noel sustains the show with his sunny and antic personality, and the long exposition pays off in the second act.

...As Pseudolus sings in the reprise of "Comedy Tonight," "Forum" ends happily for both characters and cast. Although there are times when you want to give these actors the hook, the production at least adheres to the cardinal rule of vaudeville: Always leave 'em laughing.

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