The Cast

A Christmas Carol

Including three spirits, a FLYING Marley's Ghost, an exit on a horse-drawn hansom  and the pivotal plot scenes this was the most ornate production of "Christmas Carol" that I've ever done lasting only 11 minutes in length.

Santa's Workshop

Whenever I do these shows more than half of my fun is playing with stage make-up.
A dalliance in Art as evidenced on the Aardvark Home Page  proved useful for effects with greasepaints 
and such. Standing with me is Ann Brown who is anything but intimidated. She is a very
talented actor and performed a splendid ballet in our capsuled version of "The Nutcracker".

This show was not only a Branson premiere but also celebrated the return of the dance company known in St Louis as the "Missouri Rockets". The Governor even came out for the premiere. It also holds my personal performance records as the largest indoor venue (Kenny Rogers' 'Grand Palace'; 4,000 seats) that I've worked.


The Springfield News-Leader
Monday November 28, 1994

"'Radio City' raises all expectations for Branson"
by Ron Sylvester


The sold-out crowd appeared pensive for the grand opening of the "Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular" at the Grand Palace. As if to evoke Missouri's "Show Me" motto, the reaction seemed to say, "OK, New York, prove you belong here." And they did. About halfway into the second scene, a sing-along of Christmas carols, the audience began to warm up. By the time the lyrics to "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" flashed across the large video screens, nearly everyone was singing. As the medley ended, the strong voices on stage hushed the crowd with a beautiful rendition of Mel Torme's "The Christmas Song." After that, there was no doubt the show would be a hit.


The Rockettes lived up to all the hype. But far from being only long legged beauties, they appear throughout the show as teddy bears, toy soldiers and rag dolls.

...Lowell V. Noel does an excellent portrayal of Ebeneezer Scrooge, a tough role to pull off because so many have done it before, in an enjoyable condensed interpretation of "A Christmas Carol" story complete with flying ghosts.


With a Christmas show that crosses musical styles-from pop to classical-and even cultural lines, Radio City shows that traveling from New York to Branson isn't as big of a shock as one might think. Nevertheless, this show is going to push audience's expectations of Branson to another level.

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Jim Stafford

Jim and his son Shaeffer circa 1993

One of the best if not the best shows I saw between rehearsals and on 'dark' days was the comedy and musical versatility of Jim Stafford. Jim was known for his hit 'Spiders and Snakes' and as a co-host on ABC's "Those Amazing Animals". However, I can bear witness to the fact that unless you see him live you have not seen an iota of the talent that he possesses. Jim can better than hold his own with some of the finest guitar players that I've ever heard. He is funny, personable and features the most unusual variety show you'll ever see in Branson or anywhere. Jim has an amazing collection of radio controlled dirigibles which he proudly shows. This may not sound like much at first glance but to watch them soar gently around the theater is just awesome in the manner that he presents it. He is a most gracious and accomplished performer and I highly recommend his show.
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