Lowell FAQ'S

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1. How does the "Virtual" Resume work?

    The resume page is set up so that Center column hypertext (character listing) will take you to actual performance photos and show reviews. Right column hypertext (theater listing) will take you to the home page of the specified theater.

2. Where do I get tickets for this theater?? this show?

    This site is only a showcase of my personal acting resume. Unless it appears in "Now Playing"  I have probably been out of contact with the theater or production for quite awhile. If you came to this site or a page on a theater search, anything in hypertext on the right hand column of the resume page, should take you to the desired theater's web site. Also, in some cases, individual pages will have theater logos or titles that are also hot-linked. A fast way to find a theater's phone number (if you know city and state) is to run a business search at Anywho.com.

3. Where can I get research material for this show you were in??

        I really don't have great pipelines for that, but by way of the quickest search I recommend Dogpile.com . It is a multi-engine search tool that will definitely save you a few steps. On the other hand, if the show in question has been made into a MOVIE, I have extensive information available and will answer what I can.

4. I'm interested in a certain issue of this comic. How much??

The comics collection I have is selling as a single lot, that is, ALL the collection at $1.00 apiece or roughly $2000 for the lot. If I sold them by single issue, I'd probably have them another 30 years. I haven't put them on EBay because I don't want a bidding war. It's one flat rate-- ALL or nothing.

I read ALL E-Mail regardless of subject

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