Understanding Shakespeare's Plays



  Telemedia's Owner- Director-Producer
Dick Studebaker at the Hollywood Stage- 1993

"..'ere's a skull, now, hath lain you
in the earth three and twenty years!"

As The Grave Digger in Hamlet

"..Bring thou this fiend of Scotland..."

As MacDuff in MacBeth with
Brendan Ford(L) and Geof Miller (R).

"Your looks are pale and wan and
do import some misadventure."

As Balthassar in Romeo and Juliet
with Brendan Ford as Romeo.

"Oh, Bloody period!"
(that is the actual line)

As Lodovicco in Othello

This is a tutorial for home video featuring Shakespeare's tragedies. It was the second time Dick Studebaker and I worked together on a project. Featured were Don Stuart as "MacBeth"  and the great Ben Slack who played "Friar Lawrence". Among his lengthy credits, Ben was the Klingon high councilman KTAL in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

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 To review or not to review, that is the question, February 6,   2000
 Reviewer: Ned Rodgers  from Southern California

The series, Understanding Shakespeare, which presents four of Shakespeare's tragedies in a two-hour each video package, is meant to help students understand the language, the character's motivations, the poetry of the plays, the sub-plots, and so forth. A panel of Shakespearean scholars are intercut with the main scenes of Hamlet, and they provide insight and commentary on a scene-by-scene basis. The fine young actor who plays Hamlet, Brad Yates, does an excellent job. Other fine performances were turned in by Eva Loseth, whose Ophelia was touching and beautiful, and Lowell Noel who provides a bright spot in the graveyard scene. He's the cockney grave digger. Crib notes on video. It's an enjoyable way to learn  more about one of Shakespeare's most famous characters, Hamlet.

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