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"Pez Museum"

    "Flip ME off...!?"

as Impostor Number 1 for the curator of the
Pez Museum in Burlingame- Gary Doss


Host  John O'Hurley

The esteemed panel (L to R) Meshach Taylor, Paula
Poundstone, Fred Willard and  Miss World USA-
Natasha Allas 

The Challengers and the Clown on the left

The REAL Gary Doss

Smugly victorious with two votes

Taped on January 13- 01, this show was surreptitiously bumped into re-runs by a Lakers game before it ever had its L.A. premiere. The  feature is Gary Doss, curator of the only museum for PEZ Memorabilia in existence. In order to prepare for the show, I learned more in 6 hours from Gary about PEZ candy and dispensers than I ever knew in a lifetime. Although it was literally over in a heartbeat, we garnered some nice results.

See The Episode on my YouTube Channel

As of September 2006 Gary Doss (L) acquired the World's Largest PEZ dispenser ( pictured here roughly 8 feet tall) which delivers entire cases of PEZ.

As of July 2009, Gary is being sued by PEZ Candy Co. Inc. for copywright infringement. After years of giving them virtually FREE Advertising and Publicity while also making clear that the Museum is NOT affiliated with PEZ Candy Company, PEZ (among other things) specifically wants this dispenser DESTROYED.

As of 2010, Gary and PEZ have become reconciled without incident.

"..Now is this a beauty or what??"
"No! Not That One!"
My first regional commercial for Safeway as a cagey meat cutter.

As the Jolly old Elf

"...Call right NOW!!!"
"Christmas in February"
A giveaway contest sponsored by McDonalds during children's programming on KDVR TV 31, Denver.

Host  John Walsh

As neighbor Woody Leonhard with Ralph Jorba (R) as Duran
"America's Most Wanted: Thomas Mitchell Duran"
Dealing with a homicide in  Silver Canyon,Colorado. This was my first National appearance.

As the dimwitted "Big Thug" with Craig Patton (R) Directed and Produced by Richard Marsh for the American Film Institute.

"Love On The Rocks"
As the chauvinistic radio marriage councilor Dr. Bob Kendo. Directed by Al Jenzeh for MCTV.

Ned's Atomic Dustbin: "Saturday Night"
As the Scottish 'Kerler' (but if you blink, you'll miss me!). Pictured above R is the club "Fais Dodo" which served as the location setting. This was shot in July 1991 to accompany the '93 release of Mike Myers' "So I Married An Axe Murderer". I saw it for the first time on YouTube about Febuary 3, 2008.

Watch the Video on YouTube

Industrial Video

As "Bailie William Landale" for
It's Your CGA!

As "Stretch" the barker for
The World Of Savings Plus

As "Lou" the Johns-Manville Foreman, and "Larry" the lab worker for
Good Times

The home video tutorial "Understanding Shakespeare"

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