In rehearsal with Joel Higgins. We're both wearing
stage mic headbands for the audio check.

As Mayor Shinn 

With Rebecca Baxter (L) and Mark Bradley (R). 

Also among the cast was the very lovely and talented Mary Keepers who played (among other roles) Maud Dunlop. Mary now has a brand new website where she purports her many other facets including singing, dancing, teaching, recording and as the author of a cabaret show. Mary is quite simply the best.


I had great fun in this production talking with Joel about his time on "Silver Spoons" (as Edward Stratton III). Joel was the last actor to work on Television with the great John Houseman. Also, my personal favorite, the very funny "Best Of The West" with Christopher Lloyd and Leonard Frye.

The Ordway Theatre built in 1983 is a  Hi-Tech Opera House done in grand old style including twin opera boxes on either wing. All performances sold out.

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