A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum

"...Some-thing Ap-peal-ing..."

As Pseudolus with Carol Kathleen Taylor
as Gymnasia

Eugene's Dinner Theater was my first professional appearance in Colorado. We also did a somewhat more obscure musical based on Agatha Christie's 'Ten Little Indians' called "Something's Afoot" where I played "Dr. Greyburn" and the recorded voice of "Lord Rancour". I've done Pseudolus three times since then and usually manage to lose 2 pounds in a 3 month run.

Molly Kaufmann

During its last three shows including the two I was in, Molly served as the Music Director at Eugene's. I wasn't aware at the time but She is one of the Premiere Rag Pianists in Colorado easily rivalling Joanne Castle. She always had a shirt on that said "I Want To Play Piano In A Whorehouse!". When I went to work for Bill Oakley later on, I learned the implications of it all way too late.


The Rocky Mountain News
Friday July 20, 1979

"A Funny Thing Happened at Eugene's Dinner Theater"
By John Ashton

The same person who asked if you want roast beef, chicken or filet of sole several moments later becomes one of the beautiful courtesans of The House of Marcus Lycus. The high school graduate who just bused your table turns out to be a soldier under the command of warrior-conqueror Miles Gloriosus.

...About 50 persons spent an evening under these conditions, having a full meal, a bit of drink, and watching a musical comedy, all from the same seat at Eugene's Dinner Theater-and they appeared to enjoy themselves thoroughly.

...The one thing directors can be counted on to tell their casts in shows like this is, "Have fun with it," and that's exactly what this Eugene's cast does. It's obvious they are having fun with their show, and the frisky glee is certainly catching.

...The star is Lowell V. Noel (Pseudolus) who carries most of the weight in the show. He drums his fingers on his pudgy, bearded face, flops his arms together and lopes around the stage with Muppet-like gestures. Now and then Noel's singing voice will get lost in the hubbub that is almost always teeming around him. But his seemingly inexhaustible energy carries the show.

...The whole dinner-show package makes up a satisfying way to spend an evening.

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