12 Angry Men

As #3 : "I'll KILL him!!!"

With Joe Abramo (L) as #7 and Jim Stokes (R) as #6
Joe was also the Producer and founder of the
Rocky Mountain Theater Guild.

Joe Abramo's Website featuring his Jake Diamond Novels

Director Sonny Wasinger's Stageplay.com

The Cast

Pictured third from the left, top row is Richard Collier who played #8.
Richard was the founder of the renowned Trident Theater Company
and was a great antithetic counterpoint performance for me. The whole
ensemble took Year's Best honors from the critics of Westword.

While in Colorado, I participated in one of the original stage productions from this film. Adapted and Directed by Sonny Wasinger and Produced by the Rocky Mountain Theater Guild, it was done in the round at Regis College in the same sparse setting style of "Our Town" using only the frayed edge of emotion as a tour guide. It was intense from the git-go and always left me emotionally drained but was a great stretch. Sonny took on a huge load in my opinion and stands as one of the most devoted and intense Directors AND Actors that I've ever worked with.


Up The Creek
April 8, 1988

"From Film To Stage"
By Theresa Schiavone

"12 Angry Men" explores the lives of a dozen American men from very diverse backgrounds as they are forced to decide whether a young man accused of patricide is innocent or guilty. For several of them, egalitarian discourse is unfamiliar and the jurors find their greatest challenge in confronting each other. In adapting the motion picture for the stage, director Sonny Wasinger is able to create a fragile sense of intimacy. The set design and staging also work to achieve a magnified focus. For each of the characters there's no escaping the eyes of the others, and finally their own consciences. This structure is very exciting for the theater-goer who has a special vantage-the seating is designed to emphasize the fish bowl environment of the action.

...This adaption for the theater is a hulk of an ensemble work. To the director's and actor's credit, by the time the 12 men reach a verdict we feel that we've gotten to know each of them. That's something.

...Lowell V. Noel uses only his ravaged personal feelings to make his decisions about the case. In the final scene, this character is forced to stare into the eyes of his own pain and the result is riveting. Noel's character, more than the others, finds self-knowledge a tumultuous experience.

...Overall, it works-a testament to the ability of live theater to communicate profoundly under the most skeletal of circumstances.

June 29- July 5, 1988

BEST THEATRE ENSEMBLE: 12 Angry Men Rocky Mountain Theatre Guild
By Alan Dumas

In an incomparable celebration of Denver theatre, the Rocky Mountain Theatre Guild brought together three generations of actors who've been working on Denver stages for better than three decades. In this production of '12 Angry Men,' the dozen performers interacted with clockwork precision, each subtly trying to top the others in an orgy of melodramatic fun.

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